Tooth Removal West New York

Some people wonder why they get more cavities than the other members of their family if they eat the same foods.

If you are embarrassed to smile because your teeth are crooked, make an appointment to see our cosmetic dentist.

Fixed bridges are permanently attached to the teeth next to the missing teeth.

Taking care of dental veneers should be done just like you do with your natural teeth.

There are many more options for good looking teeth these days than there were a few short years ago.

You may be surprised at how much nicer your teeth will look after a smile makeover.

If you have any bone loss in your jaw, or tumors or cysts in your mouth, our digital radiographs will show them to us.

If you have a mouth full of silver amalgams, they may have mercury in them.

An anti cavity fluoride rinse can be prescribed to help prevent cavities.

Some people have problems with sensitive teeth while other people are not sensitive to heat or cold at all.