North Bergen Dental Plaque

Be sure to tell our dental staff if you are on any type of medication because that could affect the type of treatment we give you at our dental office.

If you have had a blow to your jaw or you fell and hit your jaw, you might end up with TMJ issues.

When you feel like you need new teeth, let us give you an estimate on a full mouth makeover.

If you have bad teeth and wrinkles on your forehead, it may make you feel older and that can make you sad.

Dental cavities are generally called dental caries by dental professionals.

Wearing metal braces is still something many people will decide to do, especially if they have really crooked teeth.

You can prevent some cavities in your children if you remind them to brush every morning and before bed.

Whitening your teeth is something that can be done at home over several nights or in our dental office in a few hours.

One sign of having sensitive teeth is the pain that you will experience when you eat something very cold like ice cream.

The main reason people hate to go to the dentist may be a bad experience they had when they were children.