Long Island City Dentist

If you break off a piece of your tooth and there is a nerve exposed, you could have severe pain.

Once you have a dental implant you will be able to chew as you always did and you can smile with more confidence.

Be careful not to damage the enamel on your teeth by using a toothbrush that scratches them.

We hope you will consider staying with our dental office for a lifetime.

Dental bonding material and dental veneer material can be used to fill in gaps or lengthen short teeth.

If you have stained and yellowed teeth, call for an appointment to have a teeth whitening done in our office.

You can trust our general dentist and our cosmetic dentist to find your dental problems quickly and fix them.

The point of veneers is to have beautiful, white teeth without having them all pulled and dentures made.

Having a cavity filled is a common dental procedure that is usually done with a composite filling.

Taking your kids to the dentist should not be something they dread.