Dental Plastic Surgery 10022

If you have a tiny cavity in your teeth, our dental x-rays will show it so we can take care of it before it gets bigger.

Keeping a knocked out tooth in a glass of milk or at least keeping it moist is a good move.

There are several different types of dental bridges you can get and the type will depend on the teeth you have left in your mouth.

Your dental hygienist will be able to tell if you have plaque building up on your teeth when she does a teeth cleaning.

You should be aware that a prosthesis is placed over an implant and there is the possibility it could break and need replacement.

After your bonding process is complete and the new tooth matches your other teeth, it is polished to match the finish of your other teeth.

Dental cameras are now used to see through your teeth to find out if they have cavities.

If you would rather have teeth that are several shades lighter, we can do porcelain veneers in any shade you want.

We are concerned about your long-term oral health because it is important to the health of your entire body.

People who are afraid of the dentist should ask about sleep dentistry.