Dental Implants Surgery Nyc

Most TMC issues are not caused by a misaligned jawbone but rather from stress.

You might be surprised to know how many people never floss their teeth.

You will find that dental implants are done when you have lost a tooth and the root is dead.

When you have healthy gums it will reflect on the health of your entire body.

If you want to prevent tooth decay in your kids, bring them in for a dental sealant treatment.

The way your teeth look can affect your psychological and physical well being.

Any time you have the nerve of a tooth exposed you will be in for a heightened amount of pain.

Swelling in your gums means that you probably have an infection of some kind.

If you want a smile makeover to make your smile look better, we can do a number of different procedures for you.

Preventative resin restoration takes only a few minutes per tooth to apply and dry.