Astoria Professional Teeth Whitening

Bacteria is the reason you have tooth decay, so removing bacteria quickly after meals is very important.

Fear of the dentist is something that children learn from other children or their parents.

If you are a person who snores, we can check you for sleep apnea and fit you with a dental appliance that may help.

Nobody wants cavities, but some people refuse to stop drinking sugary drinks.

Brushing and flossing is a good way to help keep bacteria from turning into tooth decay.

We can diagnose dental problems faster with digital radiography that you can see on the computer screen immediately.

Be aware that putting veneers on your teeth means you will have them for the rest of your life, unless you pull all your teeth.

Unlike general dentistry, the goal of a cosmetic dentist is to improve the appearance of your teeth, your mouth or your smile.

Dental crowns are used to replace a tooth when one is knocked out by an accident.

Visiting our local dental office for a checkup every six months is good for your dental health.