Astoria Professional Teeth Whitening

If you want to improve your health, improve your oral hygiene habits first.

Adults who have a bad history with tooth decay can check with us to see about having dental sealants put on the groves of their back teeth on the chewing surface.

Taking good care of your teeth and gums is vitally important to the health of your whole body.

If you allow plaque to accumulate on your teeth, beware that it can travel throughout your body and accumulate in other places.

When you need a tooth restored because of cracks or chips, ask us about dental crowns.

Using the latest in technology, your dentist can show you your dental x-rays at the same appointment.

People who hear a clicking noise when they chew need to have their temporomandibular joint looked at by a dentist.

If you find that your teeth are looking yellow, you can make an appointment to have your teeth cleaned.

When you need a dental implant that includes a titanium root, or a dental crown put on your own root, call our office.

Lengthening your teeth will make you happier when you smile.